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  • Restore

    Bringing new life back to areas devastated by the Alberta Flood 2013.

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    Help us revitalize Calgary's flood damaged green spaces

  • Re-beautify

    Help us bring beauty back to the Calgary community


About Replant Communities

Replant Communities is a movement for the re-beautification of communities affected by natural disaster. Working in partnership with donors and greenhouses across Canada, we can help residents take back pride by rebuilding local green spaces.

This movement was born out of the 2013 Alberta Flood tragedy that displaced thousands and destroyed a number of community green spaces. Lori Bradley, owner of Dentoom's Greenhouses, founded the project with a desire to restore natural beauty to those areas, bringing agricultural industries together to provide aid and hope in the midst of disaster.

By adopting a plant, or donating towards the efforts of Replant Communities, you can help the recovery and growth of a devastated area. Learn about our current project below, or read more about the process in our Frequently Asked Questions.


Calgary Floods 2013

Many public spaces were damaged or destroyed during the recent flooding in Calgary. The Calgary Zoo, Stampede grounds, Steven Avenue Mall, Eau Claire Market and Princess Island Park all experienced significant damage, and will be the focus of our current replanting efforts.

By adopting a tree or plant, you can contribute to the revitalization of these areas. You are also welcome to make a donation in the denomination of your choice. Our donation goal for the re-beautification of Calgary is $25,000.

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Project Updates

Lift in Life

Yesterday my wife and I arrived at our house, as did our neighbors to find beautiful hanging floral arrangements. It was just such a good feeling to know that there are others who care and take the time to think of those that need a “lift in life”. So many of our neighbors were devastated […]

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